Protective Dog Vest – Large Dog


The Aramid Protective Dog Vest has been designed to be lightweight and is highly ventilated with a fast-drying fabric. Using a second protective Aramid lining, this dog vest is hard-wearing and can withstand the great outdoors.

The design and shape of this dog vest are key with the vest encompassing the entire torso of the dog, which allows for maximum protection, without hindering performance, but also provides comfort, whilst maintaining  natural movement. The rear of the vest is shaped so that the dogs legs can move freely, as well as being designed with a partial split, reducing bunching and  increasing the dogs freedom.

Owners can also be rest assured that there is additional protection on the neck, increasing a dogs safety


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Features Constructed from 100% Polyester | Double Lining, including Polyester and Aramid (150G/SQM) | Quick dry fabric | Highly ventilated | Lightweight

Materials Shell Fabric: 100% Polyester |  Lining Fabric I: 100% Polyester | Lining Fabric II: Aramid (150G/SQM)


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